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Protected: An individual reflective report

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Product or Service Advertising

This Friday in the class we looked at the commercials produced by my classmates. I liked the diversity of the ideas and what made me the most interesting is the execution if the ideas. We also looked at the some examples produced by big companies. It is very cool to be in a position to produce a commercial just for the sake of art, and a car industry is the best example. Their commercials make me admire the production and amount of effort put into it. One of my favourite commercials is “Break dancing transformer” for Citroen 4, which came out in 2004, 3 years earlier than a movie “Transformers” by Steven Spielberg in 2007. The first time I saw it was in 2006 and it was so cool that we watched with my friends over and over again. This is a good example of viral commercial.

In the class I was explained that commercials have to present problem and solution, like this Innocent video.

This was very good point, however I remember from my marketing course many moons ago that a commercial needs to be constricted on AIDA principal: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Here is a small video on this formula

When a company is just starting up it needs a good advertising that would generate a cash flow, and AIDA principle could be a good thing to keep in mind.

Prototyping the Service

81) Prototyping refers to the design of a working model of a product or service that can be used to test out the reactions of potential clients and providers. The concept comes from manufacturing, but is increasingly
used to refer to services as well.

Funding Neck-Rest Project

In December 2009 I was approached by the Managing Director of a mobile application development company Mobiport. Being aware of my involvement in the design industry he kindly asked me to assist him with development of a corporate identity. I realised that this job would be ideal to fund the Neck Rest Project which i have been developing with my team at Kingston University. In the CI project I could research market, draw the creative positioning and manage the project while a graphic designer in my team could perfectly handle the creative part.

After two pitch-meetings we agreed on terms of the project and we proceeded.

Timing – 1,5 month

Case study below

HSBC business account

Opening business bank account at HSBC bank for the CreativCeontrol was not a difficult task until I came to branch to collect the cheque book where apparently on the bank’s system was not any registration of my signature. I had to ring to business banking and investigate this matter. Subsequently the signature mandate arrived by post which I need to sign and send back to the bank. I want to draw the attention of my MACE fellows to follow up this precedent in their banking with HSBC this might be not only in my case.


Here is the test of the product on location.